Set Of Two Eames Chair LCW Chairs Beech Wood
Item number: CE-2-LCW-BEECH
Designer: Charles and Ray Eames
Available: on 21.01.2019
Color: Beech

Safety: All of our furniture products fulfill the UK/Europe & USA fire safety standards.
Material: Beech Wood

Width: 56  cm
Height: 71cm
Depth: 62 cm
Seat height: 37 cm

Category: Set of 2 chairs

£ 389.44

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Coming out of an age where furniture was heavy and complex; made from multiple material frames and then covered in variety of upholstery, the Eames design has been a refreshing new way of looking at modern furniture or in fact designer furniture. The chair continues to be an icon of Modern furniture designs. It is valued for its comfort as well as a status symbol. The elegant black walnut wood is a favorite of furniture makers, wood carvers and other woodworkers. Eames chairs designed with the thin veneer of Walnut wood shapes to an exotic design that adds to the warmth of a room. Original production models are highly valued by collectors. Herman Miller offered the LCW in a variety of wood veneers over the molded maple inner plies. moDecor does not hold any affiliation with any other party who may sell, produce, reproduce or distribute modern-classic furniture or other similar products. All products made for and on behalf of moDecor are quality reproductions.

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