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Data privacy statement

Data privacy statement and permission of data usage for

Privacy is a matter of trust and your confidence is important for us. We respect your privacy and personal sphere. The protection and the legal survey, processing and usage of your personal data is very important for us. In order that you feel secure visiting our websites („moDecor“) we follow strictly the legal provisions when processing your personal data, and want to inform you about the data processing and data usage we apply, and to get your approval on the usage of your data.

You can either print this document or save it, using the standard service of your internet browser („File“ → „save as“).

With your approval of the data privacy statement below you provide your allowance to MODECOR FURNITURE LIMITED, 93 UPPER GEORGES STREET, DUN LAOGHAIRE, CO DUBLIN A96 V1K8, IRELAND, to survey, process and use your personal data respecting the data protection law, the telemedia act and the following conditions.

Your allowances can be revoked for future appliance by sending your revocation by E-Mail, Fax, or Letter; no other fees will be charged but the standard fees charged for the transmission.

1. Responsible authority, right of objection

Responsible Authority for survey, processing and usage of your personal data in accordance to the data protection law is MODECOR FURNITURE LIMITED, 93 UPPER GEORGES STREET, DUN LAOGHAIRE, CO DUBLIN A96 V1K8, IRELAND

If you want to contradict the survey, processing, and usage of your data by moDecor on appliance of this data privacy statement in full extent or just in singular parts of it – i.e. you have the legal right to contradict to the usage of your data on advertising purposes - , you can send your contradiction by eMail, Fax or in a letter to the following address:






2. Survey, processing and usage of your personal data.

2.1.    Personal data

Personal data are information about factual or personal circumstances of a determined, or determinable natural person. That includes also your name, your phone number, your address, as well as all data that you disclose during the registration process or by creating the customer account.  Statistical data that are surveyed and processed during your visit of our website and that are not directly connected to you don't belong to personal data. These are, for example, statistics concerning the popularity of specific sites of our online shop, and how many visitors visit specific sites of our online shop.

2.2.    Survey, processing and usage of personal data
You can visit and research our online shop without entering personal data. As long as you don't log in with your user name and your passwort, or fill in your personal data in the processing of the shopping cart, you'll stay anonymous during your visit to moDecor.

When you first order on moDecor, or at first usage with a registration, or by entering your personal data, your personal data will be saved. The personal data may include, depending on the survey and the disposal of payment methods:

First and last name
Phone number
Fax number
Date of birth
Bank account details
Data for payment in advance
Appointment history

We survey, save, and process your data for our services and technical administration during the whole transaction of your purchase, including possible later warranties.

For your order we need your correct name, address, and payment data. We need your eMail-address to send you the confirmation of your purchase, and to be able to communicate with you. Furthermore, we need it for your identification (customer log in). Also, you may receive your order confirmation, as well as the shipping confirmation.

A customer account is created upon your choice, in order to enable a faster and more comfortable purchase in the future, and to enable the usage of the provided functions. We create a password protected log in directly connected to your saved and most important data. There, you can see your data, as well as you get an overview of your past orders, and your memory list, and your address data. And, you can administer the newsletter, in the case that you‘re subscribed. You commit yourself to keep confidential your personal log in data, and not to let them be accessible to unauthorized third parties. We can not take the responsibility for abusive usage of passwords, unless, we are responsible for the abuse. If you want to delete your customer account, we solicit to contact to the contacts above.

Your personal data will only be transmitted to third parties, when necessary during the process of the contract, or billing, if you‘ve agreed to the transmission, or if the transmission is under allowance of relevant statutory permissions. During the order processing, the appointed service providers (i.e., logistics, payment service providers, banks) receive the necessary data for order and contract processing. The transmitted data is only to be used during the contract processing by our service and cooperation partners.

2.3. Usage of your data for advertising purposes

We point out that we use your data for our own advertising and marketing purposes, in the case that you permitted it, or if not, as long as the legal regulations allow it without your explicit confirmation.

2.3.1. Product redommendation by eMail

As a customer from moDecor you receive periodical product recommendations from us by eMail. Therefore, we use your personal data for advertising purposes, with the objective of sending you information about similar products in our range, that could be interesting for you, based on your last purchases. We just use eMail advertising following legal permissions, respecting your permission.

I confirm that I allow moDecor to survey and to use my personal data for advertising purposes, to send me product recommendations by eMail or by mail.

This permissions can be revoked for any future usage, without being charged any charges but the transmission charges at the basic rate. A message in textual form (i.e. by eMail, fax, mail) is enough. Obviously, you will find a link for unsubscribing in every product recomendation mail.

2.3.2 Newsletter and customized adverts for you

By subscribing to the newsletter from moDecor your eMail address will be used for advertising purposes, with your accordance. Please submit your personal data (i.e. your name) with your newsletter subscription, to make it possible to respond to you. Of course, you can contact us anonymously, and receive our newsletter anonymously, and pseudonymously (i.e. by using an eMail address, that does not respond to your name). Data obtained through our newsletter service is used to customize and optimize our offers sent to you, and advertising and market analysis. The data will be stored for long-term archiving, and for repeated usage of the puposes mentioned.

Information, that we receive from you, helps us to enhance your shopping experience constantly, and to design it in a more customer-friendly and customized way. The information that you provide, by transmitting them actively and passively will be used to make advertising more individual based on your taste. We will use information provided, as, for example, receipt and read confirmation of eMails, information about the computer and the internet connection, operating system and platform, your order history, your service history, date and time of the visit of our homepage, products you have been watching.

I agree to the usage for advertising purposes by moDecor of my transmitted data and other information stored in my customer account, and in order to optimize the customization of the services by means of the interests of the user. Furthermore, I agree to the storage in the long-term archive and repeated usage for the purposes mentioned above, in order to receive newsletter, customized advertising, and/or special offers and services.

This allowance can be revoked for any future usage, by transmitting a message by eMail, fax, or mail, without being charged any charges but the transmission charges at the basic rate.

2.3.3. Lottery, market and opinion research

During lotteries we use your data for the purpose of contacting you for the competition, and, as permitted by law without your permission, for advertising purposes for our range. You may find detailed information in the conditions of participation of the competition.

We use your data in addition for market and opinion research. Of course, we use them anonymised for statistic purposes, and only for moDecor. Your answers on researches will not be given to third parties, nor published. We don‘t store your answers on surveys along with your eMail address or other personal data.

The usage of your data for market and opinion research purposes can be revoked any time without being charged any charges but the transmission charges at the basic rate. A message in textual form (i.e. by eMail, fax, mail) is enough. Obviously you will find a link for unsubscribing in every research mail.

3. Cookies
The agreement to cookies is not a condition for the visit of our website. But we want to point out that the usage of the shopping cart function, and the appointment of our products is only possible by activating the cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies and flash cookies are small files that are stored in your local memory, which store certain settings for data exchange with our system with your browser. Basically, cookies are distiguished in two types, temporary, or session cookies, which are deleted when you close your browser, and permanent, or long-term cookies, that stay for a longer period, or permanently, in your memory. The storage helps us to shape our website and customize our offers customized for you, and makes the usage easier for you, i.e. by saving your inputs, on purpose that you don‘t have to repeat them every time.

Which cookies are being used on moDecor?

Mostly, the cookies that we use are being deleted from your storage after closing the browser (end of the session) automatically (that‘s why they are called session cookies). Session cookies are applied, for example, to provide the shopping cart function throughout several sites. Furthermore, we also use cookies that remain on your storage permanently. On your next visit, we recognize automatically that you have been there before, and what input and which settings you prefer. These permanent cookies (or long-term cookies) are stored on your device storage and are deleted after a determined time. Also, you can delete them manually not depending on the determined time by using the settings of your browser. Mainly, these cookies help to make our range user-friendly, effective, and safer. Due to these files it is, as an example, possible that you get customized information on the website. The exclusive purpose of these cookies is to design our offer according to the wishes of the customer, and to make you more comfortable using our website.

What data is stored in the cookies?

In the cookies used on moDecor no personal data is stored. The cookies that we use can‘t be related to a specific person and can‘t be connected to you. When the cookies are activated, they will get an individual identification number.  An allocation of the cookies to your name, your IP address, or similar data is not undertaken at any time. Cookie technology only gives us anonymised information, as an example, which sites of our shop have been visited, which products have been reviewed, etc.

What is onsite targeting?

At moDecor, by using the cookie technology, we survey data for the purpose of optimizing the advertising and the whole online range. That data is not used for identifying you personally, but only serves to evaluate the usage of our homepage. Our data is never brought together with your personal data that we have stored. By using this technology, we can present adverts and/or special offers, that are based on data surveyed by using the clickstream analysis (i.e. adverts that is influenced by the fact, that in the last days exclusively kitchen appliances have been clicked). The objective for us is that our online range for you is as attractive as possible, and to present you with adverts that comply to your area of interests.

Do we use third party cookies?

moDecor cooperates with some advertising partners that help us to make our website more interesting for you. Therefore, some cookies of our partners will also be stored on your storage. These are long-term cookies that will be deleted automatically after a certain time. Cookies from partners will be deleted usually after a few days or up until 24 months, in individual cases after a few years. Also, our partners cookies don‘t store personal data. Only pseudonymous data will be served under usage of a user id. These pseudonymous data are not put together with your personal data at any time.

Some of our advertising partners may use flash cookies. Also by using flash cookies no personal data will be surveyed, the survey and usage is totally anonymous. These flash cookies are deleted from your browser automatically after a few minutes, hours, or days.

What does re-targeting mean?

Our website uses re-targeting technology. We use this technology to make our range on the internet more interesting for you. This technology allows us to provide adverts to users, who visited our shop and showed an interest in our products, on websites from our partners. We are convinced that customized and interests related adverts are much more interesting for internet users than adverts that don‘t have any personal relation. The insertion of these adverts on websites from our partners is based on cookie technology and an analysis of past usage. This type of advertising is totally anonymous. No personal data is stored and no usage profiles are stored with your personal data.

How can I revoke the storage of cookies?

You can delete cookies with your browser manually, not depending on the determined deleting time. Most browsers accept cookies by default. You can deny and/or allow temporary and stored cookies independently.

In your browser you can also set that cookies are only accepted when you accept them manually. If you want to accept our cookies but not those from our service partners and other partners, you can choose the settings in your browser for "block cookies from third parties".

Normally you can see in the menu bar of your browser above of the help function, how to dismiss new cookies and how to switch off those, that you‘ve already installed.

Flash cookies, that are used by browser add ons can be dismissed and accepted by setting the settings of the browser add on, or on the website of your browser add on.

We recommend to log off completely after visiting a website, if your computer is a shared computer, and if cookies and flash cookies are enabled in the browser settings.

I agree to the fact, that cookies are applied, and that my user data is surveyed, stored and used. Furthermore, I agree to the storage of my data in the cookies beyond the end of the browser session, and that they may be reactivated during a new visit of the website.

This agreement can be revoked at any time for future purposes by setting the browser settings to not accept cookies.

4. Log files

With every access to the websites from moDecor user data is sent by the used internet browser and stored in the server log files. The stored data include the following data: Date and time of access, name of the accessed website, IP address, referrer url, the volume of data, product, and version information of the used browser. Conditional to the legal storage duties, the IP addresses of the user are being deleted or anonymized. If anonymized, the IP-addresses will be modified in such a way that details of personal or material circumstances can no longer or with disproportionate investment of time, cost and labour be attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person.

These logfile datawill be evaluated in an anonymous way to improve our range and moDecor in a general way, and to design it in a more user-friendly way, to find and correct mistakes faster, and to handle server capacity. As an example, we can analyse at what time our shop is most popular so we can provide enough data volume to provide a fast shopping experience. Also, by analyzing protocol files we can recognize errors at moDecor faster, and fix them.

I declare my agreement to the survey and analyzing of my data stored in the so called protocol files to optimize moDecor and its appliance.

5. Web analysis

On this website, website analysis services survey data and store them, in order to generate user profiles with pseudonyms. These user profiles help to analyse the user behaviour and are applied to improve the needs-based design of our range. It may be that cookies are used for this purpose. These are small text files that are stored on the computer of the visitor to facilitate his recognition. The pseudonymized user profiles will not be put together with personal data from the pseudonymized user, unless he may separately give his explicit accordance.

The survey and storage of your data for the purpose of web analysis can be revoked any time with future effect, by writing us an eMail, fax, or mail, without being charged any charges but the transmission charges at the basic rate.

5.1. Google Analytics
This website uses Google analytics - a web traffic analysis service from Google Inc. („Google“). Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, text files which are stored on your computer and which allows an analysis of the use of the website by you. The information generated by the cookie concerning your use of this website will be passed on to a Google server in the USA and saved there. In case of the activation of the IP anonymization on this website, your IP address will be shortened by Google, when originating in member states of the European Union or other members of the European Economic Area. Just in few exceptions the full IP address will be submitted to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. Analytics uses cookies, text files, that are stored on your device, and that facilitate an analysis of our usage of the web site. Google will use this information on behalf of the operator of this website to evaluate your usage of the website, to report about the activity on this website, and to provide other services to the operator concerning the usage of the website and of the internet. The submitted IP address will not be matched with other data from Google. You can dismiss the storage of cookies from Google through the settings of your browser; but we want to advise you that in this case it may be that you can‘t use every function of our website.

Also, you can dismiss the survey of the data through this cookie (incl. the IP address) by Google, by installing the plug in to your browser provided through this link:

By using moDecor you declare your agreement to the processing of the data surveyed by Google in the described manner and for the purposes mentioned.

If you do not wish, that information concerning your website activity is submitted to Google Analytics, you have the possibility to install the „deactivation-add-on“. You can download this add on at . Note that this tool is only available for Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Opera.

Without your explicit permission, we will not use these tracking tools to collect personal data from you, we will not submit these data to third parties, nor connect them to your personal data (name, address, etc.).

6. Application of social plugins

6.1. Application of facebook I like buttons

Our internet site uses so-called social plugins of the social network („Facebook“). Facebook is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. You may find detailed information about the functions of the individual plugins and their appearance on the following website: The websites of our web presence that include facebook social plugins establish a direct connection to the servers from Facebook through your browser. Thereby, Facebook gets submitted the information, that you visited the website from our web range including the plugin.

If you are logged in to Facebook at this moment, the visit of our websites, as well as any interaction concerning the social plugin (i.e. by clicking the „like"-button, creating a comment, etc.) can be matched to your Facebook profile and can be stored at Facebook. Even if you don‘t have a Facebook profile, it can‘t be excluded, that Facebook stores your IP address.

Concerning the purpose and the extent of the data survey, processing and usage by Facebook, we refer to the data privacy policy from Facebook: There, you may find an overview of settings in your personal Facebook profile, in order to ensure your privacy and your concerning rights.

The logging out of Facebook prevents a match of the data to your Facebook profile. In order to dismiss Facebook of processing your data on our and other websites, you can block Facebook social plugins by installing an add-on to your browser (i.e., „Facebook-Blocker“,

6.2. Application of Google Plus „+1„ buttons
Our web presence uses the „+1„-button, which is provided by the social network Google Plus, operated by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. The Google „+1„ buttons are visible with a white button with the „+1„ sign. When you open a website of our web presence, that has embedded one of these buttons, you browser will establish a connection to Google servers.

If you use the function of this social plugin, i.e., by clicking on the „+1„ button, information will be provided to Google, and there, it will be stored to your Google profile for further usage, and will be used under Google responsibility. Google stores the information, that you submitted „+1„ for specific content, as well as for the website, that you were visiting. Your „+1„ can be shown on other Google services, as i.e., in your Google profile, or on other services by Google, as in search results, on your Google profile, and on adverts on the internet, together with your photo and your name. The content of the „+1„ button is submitted to your browser directly from Google and embedded to the web page through your browser. Therefore, we don‘t have any influence on the amount of data, that Google surveys through the button, but we suppose, that your IP address is surveyed too.

Purpose and amount of the survey of your data, and the processing and usage of the data by Google and your related rights and setting possibilities for data safety can be found in the data privacy indications related the „+1„ button:

Even if you don't have a public Google profile, there may be the possibility that Google surveys and stores your IP address by visiting our website.

If you are a Google plus member and don‘t want Google to survey your data through our web presence and match them to your Google member data, you will have to log out of Google plus before visiting our website. As a precaution, you should dismiss the acceptance of cookies from third parties in your browser.

6.3. Usage of twitter buttons

On some pages of our online shop we may use Twitter buttons from, which are operated by Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom St., Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA („Twitter“). The buttons are labeled with the Twitter logo and the amendment „tweet“. When opening a website of our online shop, that has a Twitter button embedded, the browser will establish a direct connection to the Twitter servers. The button is submitted directly to your browser and embedded on the webpage by the browser. By embedding the button Twitter gets information about the visit of the concerning page. If the visitor of the concerning web page is logged in to Twitter at that moment, then Twitter may link the visit to the user account on Twitter. If the button gets clicked, the concerning information is submitted directly to Twitter and is saved on the related servers.

Purpose and amount of the survey of your data, and the processing and usage of the data by Twitter and your related rights and setting possibilities for data safety can be found in the data privacy indications on Twitter: Your privacy settings at Twitter can be set at

If the user does not want Twitter to survey his data, he will have to log out from Twitter before visiting our web presence. As a precaution, you should dismiss the acceptance of cookies from third parties in your browser.

7. Safe data transmission

Your personal data will be transmitted encrypted. This concerns your order, as well as your user log in. We apply the coding system SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Although, no one can guarantee an absolute protection. But we secure our website and further systems with technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, alteration, or dissemination of your data by unauthorized persons.

8. Rights of information

In accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act, you have the right to free information about your stored data, as well as the right of correction, blocking, or cancellation of your data.

The security of your data is very important to us. To ensure that personal data will not be provided to third parties, please send us your request by eMail or mail, with a clear identification to:






Phone: +44 (0) 1157270155

9. All consents at one glance

I agree that moDecor processes and uses my personal data for advertising purposes, in order to provide product recommendations by eMail or mail.

I agree that moDecor uses my provided data and other information stored in my user account to customize and optimize their services, concerning the preferences of the user, and to use them for advertising and market research, to send me newsletters, customized advertising, and/or special offers and services.

I agree that cookies and user data are surveyed, stored, and used. Furthermore, I accept, that my data in the cookies is stored after finishing the browser session, and that they can be used on my next visit on the website. This agreement can be revoked anytime by dismissing cookies in the browser settings.

I declare my agreement that moDecor processes and analyzes my data stored in the protocol files, in order to optimize moDecor and its application.

By using moDecor I declare my agreement to the processing of my data by Google, as explained above.







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